Professional Memberships of Hussain al Nowais

3Hussain al Nowais’s track record of successful entrepreneurship, investment and business management has afforded him membership among a number of public and private organizations dedicated to regional and global economics. These organizations include:

The U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce
The U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce is located in Washington D.C. and is the only American organization to be officially recognized by the Arab League. The organization strives to serve the business community through multiple avenues, including the provision of certificates of origin and related export documents.

The Emarati German Business Council
The Emarati German Business Council is a partnership between United Arab Emirate business leaders and German workers/ businesses located within the United Arab Emirates, and works to promote foreign business development.

The World-Economic Forum, Switzerland
The World-Economic Forum in Switzerland is an international organization established to achieve global improvement through cooperation and partnerships among public and private entities.

The Global Agenda Council
The Global Agenda Council meets annually to analyze, discuss and resolve global issues in economics, leadership and more.

Arab Business Council (A Wef Community)
The Arab Business Council is a World Economic Forum Initiative comprised of business leaders from sixteen Arab nations that focuses on regional economic reform.

Joint Arab Russian Business Council
The Joint Arab Russian Business Council facilitates trade contacts and business developments between Russian and Arab countries through the creation of bilateral business councils, establishing direct contacts, organizing business forums and more.

Abu Dhabi Singapore Business Council
The Abu Dhabi Singapore Business Council is a non-profit organization open to all Singapore residents and companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Russian Arab Chamber of Commerce
The Russian Arab Chamber of Commerce promotes the development of commerce, trade and investment between Russia and Arab companies.

French-Arab Chamber of Commerce-Paris
The French-Arab Chamber of Commerce-Paris promotes economic relationships across various industries, including finance, tourism and agriculture, between France and Arab nations.

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